Driven to Succeed

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Driven to Succeed


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Steve’s journey began from humble beginnings where he was raised by a mother who abruptly became a single parent to 7 children while living in the Jane and Finch community. At a young age, he was left to deal with the pain of his parent’s separation and the stigma of low expectations growing up in a community often known for its gangs, guns and violence.

Never wanting to make excuses or be defined by the limitations of his environment, Steve’s drive to succeed led him to the nation’s capital where he graduated from the University of Ottawa with a law degree and then making history becoming the first Black lawyer hired in the Toronto Transit Commission Legal Department. Never one to settle and wanting to do more for his community, Steve entered politics in 2017 with no previous experience and was appointed as Councillor for the Town of Shelburne following the passing of another Councillor. In the 2018 municipal elections, Steve made history again becoming the first Black Deputy Mayor for the Town of Shelburne and Regional Councillor for the County of Dufferin.

Along the way, Steve has been recognized for his commitment to community being granted the House of Commons Community Service Award and named by the Toronto Star as one of the GTA’s Top 50 Jamaicans. Most of all, Steve is a proud father of 2 children Asia and Devante.

The books Driven to Succeed and Why Not Me? are meant to be inspirational tools to remind us all that no matter where or how you start in life, it is possible to make a significant impact and leave a legacy of success for your family and community!