Driven to Succeed


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Driven to Succeed


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“If there was ever a book designed to move one from self-doubt and complacency into meaningful action, this is the one that every youth struggling to find themselves and a successful pathway forward should have.”

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“Steve takes you on a riveting journey detailing the struggles and lessons learned growing up in the infamous Jane and Finch community to making history becoming the first Black lawyer of Canada’s largest transportation company, and Deputy Mayor for the Town of Shelburne. His story is one that every youth must read.”

“Driven to Succeed was written as a tool to empower, inspire and motivate youths to dream big. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work, learn and move beyond your comfort zone to pursue life’s opportunities.”

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“Steve Anderson’s story exemplifies the importance of tenacity and focus in determining one’s destiny. I am impressed and inspired by his resolve to reach his goals regardless of the obstacles along the way. Instead of being hobbled by stereotypes, readers will learn that the only real limits are self-imposed. Now, more than ever, the disenfranchised, oppressed, and overlooked must rise to their full potential regardless of circumstance. ”

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