Driven to Succeed

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Driven to Succeed


We are donating some of the proceeds from the book to charities that have been mentioned below.
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Operation Black Vote

Operation Black Vote Canada (OBVC) was established in 2004 as a nonprofit and multi-partisan organization that supports the election of Black people to public office. We do this by educating, motivating and advocating for Black Canadians to participate in Canada’s government, agencies, boards, commissions, civil service and in Canada’s political process at all levels.

OBVC does not endorse candidates, nor do we advocate for one political party over another, instead we assist emerging Black professionals interested in a political career.

OBVC Monitors issues that interests and concerns the Black Canadian community and play a leading role in recommending solutions to the community and the government.


Dufferin County Canadian Black Association

To provide leadership for the continued development and enhancement of the Black community through civic engagement, education, programs and services and advocate for equity and wellbeing for the Black community in Dufferin County. To be a central hub for resources, tools and programs that are unique to the needs of the Black Community in Dufferin County.


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Shelburne Multicultural Day Event

The Shelburne Multicultural Event was created to acknowledge and celebrate the richness of the growing diversity in Dufferin County. Founded by local Shelburne resident and community advocate Althea Alli in 2018, the event has been hugely successful drawing support from all levels of government, businesses and the community. The Shelburne Multicultural Day Event was nominated in 2020 for the Arts and Culture Award.

Shelburne Multicultural Day Event

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